Gold & Turquoise

Gold & Turquoise

Summer dress

Christian Louboutin patent leather shoes
$570 –

Furla leather crossbody
$315 –

1928 pin jewelry

2 thoughts on “Gold & Turquoise

  1. When the Rashiwala brothers come to Singapore in 1925, they started off a little company, C. Rashiwala Bros, trading raw gem stones with regional suppliers and providing jewelry to rich local settlers. They started out what’s right now one of the region’s most esteemed provider involving semi-precious gemstones and jewelry, additionally C. Rashiwala Bros is South East Asia’s oldest and most known representatives of Swarovski merchandise. The business persisted till 1942 when WW2 broke out. The Rahiwala great grand-uncle came back to India together with grand-son and the rest of the family members. The grandfather stayed behind in Singapore to guard and look after the store. Life was tough during the Japanese occupation. In the old times of the occupation, he hid inside nearby jungle throughout the day, coming out only at night to forage for foodstuff. At that time, the store was looted, fired on & once partly set alight by a marauding mafia. Broke with whatever he could repair from the fire, he spread-out a small canvas at the store and placed the recovered materials to sell. He was not able to move back immediately in to the shop as he was unable to pay for the $170 month-to-month local rental as well as for maintenance to the impaired store. A few weeks later, he shifted back again in to the actual shop. After the war and the drawback of Japanese military in 1945, the shop was renovated with teak cabinets and display units. The 3 rd generation Rashiwala also came back a couple of years later to carry on his studies in Singapore. The current owner joined his dad in the business in 1956. At that time, they had unveiled trimmings together with some haberdashery items including sequins, beads, and so on. In 1967, Kantilal Gamanlal Rashiwala; wrote to M/s Swarovski and successfully started to be their first distributor in S. E. Asia. In 1978, at 16 yrs . old, The fourth generation Rashiwala run the shop from their own building at 100 Arab Street which they moved in to in 2004. They have included a fair-bit of the old post-war teak wood home furniture from their previously rented store.

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